Section 1: Name, Adress and Activity Zone

1.1 Name: Peywand Organisation

1.2 Adress: Austria/Vienna

1.3 Activity Zone: Austria and other countries in case


Section 2: Peywand’s Purposes

Peywand is an independent organisation; not related to any group or party.

As a non-profitable and non-political organisation, Peywand’s main activity
is concentrated on following purposes:

2.1: Identifying, protecting and aiding Iranian patients in Iran. (MS patients

2.2 Public awareness about uncommon illnesses. (Multiple sclerosis in particular)

2.3 Introducing Iranian culture.

2.4 Organising lectures, educational workshops, conferences and featuring

*All Peywand’s activities are proceeded according to Austrian regulations.


Section 3: Membership requirements and Member Rights

3.1 Membership Requirements

All individuals over 15 years old, companies and organisations who are willing to accept Peywand’s statute, qualify for joining Peywand.
Forms of Membership:

- Active Member: An individual or an organisation who deposits his membership fees on a regular base and is constantly active in co-operations with Peywand. These
members have the right to vote in Peywand’s meetings and receive organisation’s conveniences according to the central council’s approvals. After three consecutive
months of not paying the membership, an active member is considered as a nonactive member.

- Non-Active Member: An individual or an organisation who donates her monetary and non-monetary aid on an irregular base. The right to vote in Peywand’s
meetings is not considered for non-active members.

- Honorary Member: An individual or an organisation who with continues and astounding co-operation, causes various improvements for Peywand. This member
however, doesn’t donate any monetary aid to the organisation. Honorary members as well, have the right to vote in Peywand meetings.

The extent of the right to vote for non-active and honorary members, is decided by Peywand’s central council.

3.2 Member Rights

  • The right to choose.
  • The right to be chosen (Over 18 years)
  • The right to take part in the public council’s meetings.
  • The right to become a member of the central associations and committees.
  • The right to be informed about central council’s monthly meeting’s proceedings (with former written request and according to the council’s approvals)

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